»PARTNERS»Data Center Partners

The Data Center Partner program is a cooperative initiative operated by TIM AG with leading full-service system providers and manufacturers in Germany. Data Center Partners qualify for the program with their range of solutions, their technical competence, and their services. They act as the point of contact for the user when it comes to professional planning and implementation of customized data center solutions across various manufacturers.

Data Center Partners are experts. They consider users’ requirements in terms of planning certainty. They invest in training and continuing education for their employees, offer the necessary assuredness for consulting services, and have the skills and know-how needed for technical implementation. All of this helps ensure that IT investments are deployed cost-effectively, implemented with technical perfection, and supported to customers’ utmost satisfaction, even in the long term.

Consulting services from these partners touch on methodology, technology, and commercial aspects:

  • Methodology: solution-oriented approach and cross-manufacturer analysis.
  • Technology: experience with current technologies and know-how for future ones
  • Commercial aspects: intelligent budget and investment allocation

Working with TIM AG and the leading manufacturers gives Data Center Partners access to additional information on trends and future market requirements and makes it possible to offer a competitive price structure to ensure that IT requirements are met efficiently for the long term.